Why detox waters are a scam!

You can't ''detox'' your body. And even if you could, this would not be by drinking water with a couple of floating lemons or cucumbers. The whole idea is ridiculous. Think about it for a second. You could eat at McDonald’s, and then get rid of all those ''toxins'' by drinking water and lemon? In … Continue reading Why detox waters are a scam!


The ”I deserve it!”

I went to the gym like 3 times this week, I deserve that piece of cake! Well, now you can consider you've been to the gym only 2 times, the third one was useless. Hello everyone, as you might or might not know, I am far from being perfect. Like everyone, I do not like … Continue reading The ”I deserve it!”

Smoothies – Are they really healthy?

When I tell you; Smoothie. You definitely think: Healthy! Isn't it? But is it really healthy? There are three conditions for your smoothie to be a healthy option. First, it must replace a meal or a snack, it must not be an addition to your diet, unless your diet is lacking something. If you eat … Continue reading Smoothies – Are they really healthy?

Breaking the habits

Imagine yourself, in the driver's seat of a car. The car is sinking into a lake, and you have only one option, break the glass and swim up to freedom. When you are caught up with debts, an eating disorder, or simply bad habits, it is basically the same feeling. I know it seems dramatic, … Continue reading Breaking the habits