How to save money everyday!

There are tons of ways to save money, here is 5 of my favorite tricks to save money every single day!

1-  First up, don’t get too attached to any brand

We all have a brand of clothes, shoes or make up that we like more than any other, we end up shopping pretty much always there and stop considering any other brand. Well, we might be letting some pretty good deals go. when shopping for something in particular, make sure you looked at every option available, it takes a little longer but can save you big bucks at the end of the year!

2- Eat according to this weeks sales and coupons

When you go to the grocery store, you should not already know what you want to eat this week, unless you looked at the flyers before going! The best way to save money when buying food is to buy whatever healthy food is in sale and then manage to find recipes according to it. You take the cheaper vegetables, meats (or substitutes) and dry ingredients, and then you cook accordingly. The internet is full of recipes for whatever bargain you may find this week!

3- Use soap bars 

I know it sounds weird, but I used to always buy liquid soap, because I tough it was making more foam and I liked it, but these are never a bargain. You end up paying for 30% water and 60% soap. Use the bars as they are 100% soap and nothing else! Also, they are usually sold in bigger, cheaper packages!

4- Buy in bulk 

When you can, buy in bulk. For nuts, dried fruits, flours or whatever you may need, buying in bulk is almost always cheaper. But beware, make sure you take a look at the price/lb (or kg) and compare to what you can find in other stores before buying.

5- Repair before buying another one!

A lot of objects that we throw in the garbage everyday are still perfectly good. Sometimes they just don’t work as well as they used to, are broken or just old. Before buying new things, make sure there are no way you can repair the ones you already have. I have an Ipod nano, bought in 2006 or so. The volume button was stuck and I could not manage to get the volume up! It was always muted. My boyfriend watched a video on Youtube, took a little kit of small screwdrivers and repaired my Ipod in about 5 minutes. I was ready to go buy myself a new one, instead, it was repaired for free! When you have holes in your favorite shoes, don’t throw them in the garbage, find a cobbler!


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