Got the munchies?

You’re home, watching TV, or at work, and you get that feeling. You got the munchies. You’re not really hungry but if you think about a bag of ships, or a little cupcake from down the street, the temptation is excruciating. How to stop the munchies? here are a few of my favorite tricks!


1- Drink a glass of water! Water is pretty much always available, it has zero calories and fills you up. Also, it will keep your hands and mouth busy.

2- Grab a gum! Got the munchies in the middle of the day? Like around 2pm at work? Lunch is already pretty far off, and you need a quick something to get through the day! Gum will do just that, the mint flavor and the chewing keeps you from wanting anything to eat anything else!

3- Plan ahead and bring healthy snacks! You know you always got the munchies at 2pm, but since you’re at work, what else could you eat than a snack from the cafeteria or the pastry shop down the street, right? Wrong! Bring some snacks from home (like fruits, vegetables, almonds or dried fruits) and keep them somewhere in your desk, so when the munchies come, you are prepared!


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