Breaking the habits

Imagine yourself, in the driver’s seat of a car. The car is sinking into a lake, and you have only one option, break the glass and swim up to freedom. When you are caught up with debts, an eating disorder, or simply bad habits, it is basically the same feeling. I know it seems dramatic, you might say; Well I’m not eating very well and I know I should make some changes but, I won’t die!

The problem is, it might be just some bad habits for now, but it might become a major problem later, little debts become major financial problems, little bags of chips become major weight gain after a year or two.

Right now you are sitting in the driver’s seat of your sinking car, pushing on the pedals, frenetically, in hope that something will change along the way. Well, it won’t change, unless you do. What will happen is that the car you’re in will sink further and further into the dark water, and eventually it’ll be too late, and the pressure of the water will keep you permanently from breaking those glasses, and that is if the water don’t get in first.

You have to break the habit, whether it’s eating too much, going out every week-end, throwing your money off of your pockets, drinking, or if you have an eating disorder of any kind. You wish you had the perfect body, you wish you were happy, you wish you could stop stressing out about money and debt. Well stop pushing the pedals, turn around and break the glass. It will be hard at first, maybe way harder than it seemed,  but once the glass is broken, you’ll be able to swim back to fresh air and start again! Do it, and expect it to be hard, you know it will. It’s so much easier to just keep on doing what feels comfortable and safe, but did anyone accomplished anything by being comfortable and safe? You want a new you, start now, don’t waste any more time because time is running out, and soon you might be too deep to break the glass. Your time, health and happiness are the only things you cannot buy, stop wasting them on habits. Break them!


3 thoughts on “Breaking the habits

  1. Luke Jones - Health Room says:

    Great stuff, love this! 🙂

    Forming healthy habits is the best way to make the changes we want to see, as you say, start now and reap the benefits before you know it.

    The important thing to remember is focussing on 1-2 habits at a time so as not to overwhelm yourself. Also keep in mind your reason why to give real meaning as to why you’re making changes.

    Loving the content, keep doing what you’re doing! 🙂

    PS – On a related note, I’m on the hunt for feedback for my new show The HERO Podcast! It’s all about creating healthy habit. The episode with Derek Doepker may be of interest to you where he discusses how to make lasting changes. You can check it out (and maybe leave a short review if you like) here:

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