One of the most crucial quality in life is discipline. Yet it is a term that chill some people to their bone! How do people stay slim and healthy, rich and prosperous? They are disciplined. Discipline is really the key that opens the door to success. Many of us, however, despise that word and what it means! One imagines that discipline is synonymous with deprivation, rigor, inflexibility, even torture! It is believed that disciplined people are either unhappy or merely lucky to be how they are. But dear readers, I swear to you, we are all capable of it. No one is born with discipline running through their veins, it is a quality that you acquire with time.


No whip or bruises needed, the path to discipline is paved with habits.

If you are used to having a good beer every night watching TV, envious that we all are, before the flat stomach or abs of those ho so sexy stars, you just have to change this habit for another! Go to the gym, for example. There you go! You are disciplined! Of course, creating a new habit is not that easy, but it is imperative that you stop believing that people capable of discipline are any different. They are the same basically lazy beings as you and I, they just decided to adopt a certain lifestyle and stick to it. Everybody is capable of that! You just have to grab the bull by the horns and go, it’s a lot easier than it seems ..

Here are some tips to start your new life as a disciplined person, whether in business or with your health!

1- Take the first step, Now! Whether it’s an appointment with a financial advisor, your first gym membership or throwing your favorite potato chips down the bin, you have to start somewhere! Take the first step right now! Do not wait until the next day or at the beginning of the week, you’ve waited long enough! Go go go!

2- Do not trust yourself; Great! You are motivated, you have seen your coach or your advisor and you trust that, from now on, you will do what it takes to change your life! WRONG! You are full of good intentions this morning, jubilated by your mentor’s approving words, but your lazy and procrastinator side might take the lead at any given time! Be smarter than yourself, plan appointments, make pre-authorized payments and force yourself to execute your plan, one way or another. Do not rely on your future motivation! For example, if you are particularly lazy after work, (like me!) but have to go to the gym,subscribe to a gym close to work. Take your sports bag in the morning (with all your good intentions), and in the evening when the motivation is gone, you feel a little forced to go to the gym, simply because the idea of having lugged this heavy sports bag all day for nothing, “Hell No!”. Basically, do not trust yourself, trick yourself into doing things you need to do!


3- Plan Plan Plan!; It’s nice to say, I have my grocery budget, I now have to spend only $ 70 per week. But when at the grocery store the $ 2 celery seems a lot less tempting than the sublime $ 12  cheesecake, the temptation alter your decision. Simple solution; take a look at flyers and make a grocery list before going! And please, don’t get too close to the pastry aisle!


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